Innovation Experience


GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific) was honored with the Innovation of the Year Award for its Compact Quad® Plus 4-Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser. Designed for maximum waste reduction, hygiene, and ease of maintenance, this coreless toilet paper dispensing system holds up to 6,000 two-ply or 12,000 one-ply sheets.

The Innovation of the Year Award Honorees include:

  • PathogenFocus Air/Surface Disinfection Biosecurity by PathogenFocus is a clean tech solution—a chemical free organic technology that protects people and processes.
  • Proline WAVE™ 1-liter manual dispenser by SC Johnson Professional uses the equivalent of 16.9 fl. oz. of recovered coastal plastic waste in its plastic bottles, making it a great choice for facilities that care about sustainability and want a reliable solution for their busy restrooms.
  • All Floor™ cleaning system by Kaivac Inc. is designed to deeply clean high volumes of both hard surface flooring and carpeting on a single platform, with the ability to easily switch between modes for the best of both worlds.
  • Multi-Surface Ceramic Clearcoat PURE AIR Coating by SIMIX LLC transforms all HVAC systems, floors, and roofs into air purifiers that never stop working.
  • Evogen® Tri-Vend High-Capacity No-Touch Menstrual Care Product Dispenser by Hospeco Brands Group provides comfort and convenience for patrons with an inviting, hands-free experience.

The recipient of the Environment & Sustainability Award, for its dedication to environmental innovation, is Natura Yarn by ABCO Products Corp., the first and only line of Green Seal-certified wet and dry mopping products.

Honorees of the Environment & Sustainability Award include:

  • Super Hydro Pod Foaming Hand Soap by Soap2o allows you to completely eliminate single-use plastic and the shipping of water, while saving up to 40% on your costs.
  • Tork Carbon Neutral Dispensers by Tork, an Essity brand, are a line of 11 innovative dispensers that have been certified as carbon neutral.

The recipients of the Innovation Industry Choice Awards include:

  • Distributors: Natura Yarn line of mopping products by ABCO Products Corp
  • Facility Service Providers: All Floor™ cleaning system by Kaivac Inc.
  • Manufacturer Representatives: TOPFILL™ No Touch Counter Mount Soap Dispenser by Kutol Products use an innovative locking refill dock that allows for refilling from above the counter—instead of below—saving labor time, strain, and stress.
  • Residential: SIMPL: Smart Inspect Machine Predictive Learning by SmartInspect™ applies the power of machine learning to your inspection data.

ISSA Show Innovation Program

Advancing Cleaning. Driving Innovation.

We hear from attendees each year that seeing innovations in the cleaning industry is one of the top 3 reasons to return each year. Back by popular demand is our Innovation Award Program, where your expertise matters and your votes count.

We need your voice in determining the most innovative products and services in the industry. As the industry transforms and the needs of our building occupants change, your voice will make an impact in the future of the commercial, institutional, and residential cleaning community.

The Innovation Award Program platform recognizes as many as 50 products and/or services in the industry each year.

Award Categories

Industry Choice Awards

  • Distributor/Wholesaler Choice Award
  • Residential Cleaning Choice Award
  • Manufacturer Representative Choice Award
  • Facility Service Provider Choice Award

Innovation of the Year Award and honorees

Environment & Sustainability Award and honorees.

Get to Know the Product Entries

Each company participating submitted a video with more details about the products and/or services. See their unique submissions below.

Carlos Albir Jr. with ABCO Products

Jill Trider with Tork, an Essity Brand

Dietmar Bernstein with Unger

Peter Kwestro with Gausium

Ronnie Phillips with Georgia-Pacific

Duncan McLennan with Avidbots

Darryl Dejean with Pathogen Focus

Mile Perazzo with Kaivac, Inc.

Vince Malone with Smart Impact

VSI Health & Hygiene Group

Jeff Stanich with Simix

Bryant Davis with SCJohnson Professional

Amanda Bakken with Ecolab

Nick Rudovic with Lionsbot

Voting for 2024 Opens Soon.

Online voting opens this Spring! The winners will all be announced for all categories.

A champagne toast will be held in Innovation Theatre following the awards that last about 30 minutes. All guests are welcome, and champagne will be passed out to everyone in attendance.

Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturer Reps, Building Service Contractors, Residential Cleaners, and In-House Service Providers can vote for the product which they find has made a significant impact in the professional cleaning industry. Individuals may submit up to three (3) product votes. Manufacturers and program participants are not eligible to vote.

Below, you are able to view our current innovation gallery of products, check out our Show Map and bookmark booth #2247 for where to stop during the show and also, if you have not, create a MY SHOW PLANNER in order to cast your vote!

Meet the 2023 Judges

Thank you to our Innovation Judges for your involvement in this program and your industry achievement. Judges will be announced soon.

Jay Shearer

Bethany Harrington

Bill McGarvey

Harrell Kerhoff

Keith Schneringer

Dan Wagner

Christopher Pierson

Gary Williams

Libby DeLucien

Mark Salvaggio

Poppy Castro

Benjamin Reng

Environment & Sustainability Award Criteria

View the detailed criteria that the judges will use to select our Innovation awardees.

Before You Vote!

Things to Consider

What Makes a Product Innovative? Based on the criteria below, please consider the following before submitting your vote.



Having or manifesting a great impact or effect.


Adapted or designed for actual use; useful.


Pertaining to a system that maintains its own viability by using techniques that allow for continual reuse.

Competitive Advantage

The condition in which the product can mature and adapt over time and places the company in favorable or superior business position


Freshness or novelty, as of an idea, method, or performance.