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Enhance your presence before, during, and after the Virtual Experience? Reach all facets of the cleaning industry through digital brand exposure opportunities. To make it easier, we've listed a few of the low-cost, yet successfully proven ways to increase your company's exposure.

Premier Levels

ISSA Show North America's Premier-level Sponsor benefits are a great way to help your company stand out from your competition. With a mix of pre-show, during, and post-show sponsor benefits, your company will receive top-of-mind awareness as a premier level sponsor.


Low Cost, High Return Opportunities

Branded Seminar

Catch the attention of seminar attendees as well as anyone else who visits the Conference Web Page! Everyone who views the online conference information will see your company’s logo and web site link proudly displayed as a seminar sponsor.

Product Spotlight

Showcase an image or video of your product on the Directory Home Page. A live link will direct customers right to your company’s listing, increasing more sales opportunities for your company brand. 

Show Website Banner

Featured banner ad on the show’s website linked back to your company’s website. Opportunity provides metrics on the number of clicks/impressions of your banner and longevity.

Scheduled Events

Drive traffic to your listing by promoting any special events you may be hosting, such as guest speakers, live or recorded webinars, live chat, or Q&A sessions in the Scheduled Events section of your listing.

Branded Education Track

ISSA Show North America Virtual Experience offers tailored education tracks that spread across the week and on-demand through March 31, 2021! This opportunity ensures increased visibility even beyond the show dates. 

Thought Leadership Session

The cornerstone of a Thought Leadership Session is curated content that showcases a company's area of expertise. Place your brand as the thought leader in the industry by leading your own education session in the conference program for the event and on-demand throughout the year.

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