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Shaping the Future of Clean Through Education — ISSA Show North America recognizes the importance of quality education, even more so now during a public health crisis. The virtual experience is designed to tackle issues facing day-to-day operations throughout the entire cleaning industry. Learn from some of the industry’s biggest names from the safety and security of your own (home or otherwise) office.

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Curated to Meet Your Needs

All-Access Virtual Experience attendees can select from individual sessions or in-depth educational tracks that are carefully curated for all areas of the industry. 

To make planning easier, we’ve gathered all the essentials you need to prepare for the week-long virtual experience. Take a sneak peek of the education available addressing some of the hottest topics in the pandemic, lessons learned, as well as detecting and preventing the spread of infections.

Sessions cover management, marketing, sales, technical innovation, and how-to-clean topics to help building service contractors excel in highly competitive marketing. Grow your business, provide top-notch customer service, master recruiting and retention, and use data wisely.

Focused on emerging distribution trends, e-commerce issues, strategies for distribution growth, technology and innovation, management, and marketing to prepare distributors for sustainable business success. Explore the gamut of leading-edge technologies and solutions to drive your business into the future.

Curated for K-12 and university facility directors and managers, takeaways from these sessions will empower attendees to implement healthy, successful, and effective green clean programs at their institutions. Gain the answers and knowledge on best practices, insider information, and expert advice on the issues that impact your bottom line.

Specifically geared to healthcare facility professionals, these services will cover epidemiology environmental services (EVS) impacts, safety approaches, hospital training, infection control, and sustainability. Build your skills, leadership, and knowledge of facility cleaning for hospitals and healthcare institutions.

Focused on solving housekeeping challenges, including measuring cleanliness, floor care safety, meeting customers’ expectations, and pest control to enhance hospitality cleaning professionals’ subject matter expertise and advance their careers. Learn about better housekeeping practices, exceeding customer expectations, secrets to passing inspection, and so much more.

Focused on solving the toughest challenges to date, the Infection Prevention & Control Track tackles the prevention of transmission of communicable diseases in all settings. Including, basic understanding of the epidemiology of diseases; risk factors that increase patient susceptibility to infection; and the practices, procedures, and treatments that may result in infections.

For companies to continue growing and not be left behind by rapidly changing technology and environments, they need to constantly accelerate and focus on innovating.

Led by-product and development experts, in 15-minute demonstrations, you can explore the industry’s most cutting-edge technology innovations at work. Feel free to ask questions of the experts in this unique opportunity offered only in the Virtual Experience Innovation On-Demand.

Preparing residential cleaning company owners and managers to bolster their management skills, gain insight into successful business models, and learn human resources and digital marketing approaches that deliver bottom-line results. Find out how you can improve efficiency, grow your business, increase profits, and get your operation into shipshape condition during the four ultra-productive days that will polish your business for the coming year.


dedicated to the advancement of cleaning, the speakers in the Restoration & Remediation Track understand that no two facilities are the same and require specialized care. Catering to all aspects of the restoration and remediation marketplace, the track encompasses all the necessary state of the art sessions addressing areas needed to complete all scopes of restoration and remediation properly and efficiently. 


Certifications & Workshops

Boost your earning potential and training expertise.

Drive your career forward by gaining the critical skills and knowledge needed to stand out in your field.  Professional workshops and certification program courses are available to those who seek to enhance their critical professional skills to succeed in today’s most in-demand market. Find the program that meets your specific needs. Stand out and succeed at work.

Dave Frank


American Institute for Cleaning Services

CIMS ISSA Certification Expert (I.C.E.) Workshops

Designed for facility service providers to develop an operating structure that delivers consistent, quality services in compliance with cleaning industry standards and performance systems processes.

This certification is ideal for facility service providers, facility managers, and technicians who supervise product utilization in cleaning procedures. Supply-chain professionals are also encouraged to attend to better assist and advise their customers with cleaning industry compliance.

Integrating Technology in Workloading Processes

This course from Cleaning Change Solutions demonstrates the integration of technology with workloading for cleaning efficiency, specifically regarding robotics and autonomous cleaning technology. Learn how to route new cleaning tools and the impact this has on your organizational culture. Discover solutions to avoid potential chaos as your organization adopts new cleaning technology. This workshop will cover many in-depth topics including understanding the right communications for stakeholders, required training to implement robotic cleaning solutions, and empowering employees to promote cleaning during the integration. This course applies to managers, technicians, and front-line supervisors. Supply-chain professionals also are encouraged to participate to assist their facility service provider customers.    

Tim Poskin


Cleaning Management Concepts LLC

Joel Craddock

President & CEO

Docs Facilities Solutions 

Marion Ivey

Owner & CEO

Ivey’s Training & Consulting

CMI Train the Trainer
Hone Your Training Skills and Empower Your Team

Train the Trainer prepares supervisors, managers, and operations leads to successfully implement a quality training program for their cleaning organizations. This course clearly outlines frontline procedures and proper teaching methods to improve team efficiency. This certification is ideal for individuals who will train their team in industry best practices that solidify quality results. Supply-chain professionals also are encouraged to participate to guide their facility service provider customers in best practices.

Identifying and Solving IAQ Issues

This workshop will help facility managers and service providers to identify air and surface issues, prevent potential health risks from poor indoor air quality (IAQ), and avoid potential litigation issues that could result from building-occupant complaints. Additionally, learn to foster healthier and happier building occupants by solving IAQ problems before they become systemic. This workshop demonstrates how to utilize the team approach to resolving IAQ issues.




Doug Hoffman

President & CEO


Kevin Cahill

Executive Director

The W. Edwards Deming Institute

IEHA + Deming: A Winning Combo for Your Daily Work

This interactive workshop is designed for managers to shift their thinking and actions, looking through the Deming lens, from the well-worn path of managing parts and pieces to the direction of managing systems. IEHA, a Division of ISSA, in partnership with the W. Edwards Deming Institute®, is proud to invite members to participate in this “first-step” clinic. Participants will experience Dr. Deming’s classic “red bead experiment,” learn to incorporate its timeless lessons and be introduced to 21st-century explanations and demonstrations of the uniqueness and universality of the Deming philosophy. This workshop is ideal for in-house service providers, supervisors, managers, and health care professionals in nursing and environmental services departments. 

This session requires an additional fee through IEHA's Registration. 

IEHA Master Boot Camp 

IEHA's Master's Program is designed for IEHA’s healthcare and hospitality elite members who are committed to continuous improvement and professional development. This three-day course covers infection control, rebuilding the environmental services department post-COVID-19, sustainability practices, leadership growth, mentoring, customer service techniques, working with millennials, and continuous professional improvement. This workshop includes group projects, which are required for course completion. This course is ideal for RESE and CESE candidates wishing to pursue the IEHA Master's designation. 

This session requires an additional fee through IEHA's Registration.


Michael Patterson


IEHA, A Division of ISSA

Michael Patterson


IEHA, A Division of ISSA

IEHA Professional Education Credentialing Program Boot Camp

This IEHA Boot Camp is designed for a comprehensive, accelerated review of IEHA’s Professional Education Credentialing Program (PECP), the top credentialing and certification program for professional cleaners. Participants will be guided through the 16 individual modules included in the PECP over a two-day period. Participants will learn strategies for effective communication, management, and a better understanding of the science behind cleaning. Upon course completion, participants will have the opportunity to test for their Certified or Registered Environmental Services Executive designation at the end of the class on day two. *Participants must successfully pass a comprehensive exam with a score of 80% or higher to receive the credential. This boot camp is ideal for health care and hospitality professionals who are IEHA members. 

This session requires an additional fee through IEHA's Registration.

ISSA CMI Basic Restroom Care Certification

This certification course is designed for facility managers and supervisors to address the challenges of restroom care. In this workshop, you’ll gain an understanding of effective cleaning techniques and best practices to eliminate the threat of cross-contamination, learn color-coding systems for ease and clarity, and discover new power equipment and tools to maximize efficiency and minimize time and labor. Receive the ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) Restroom Care handbook and take the online exam to earn CMI certification.

This certification is ideal for managers and front-line supervisors in both the private and public sectors. Supply-chain professionals are also encouraged to participate to serve their facility service provider customers.

Joel Craddock

President & CEO

Docs Facilities Solutions

Jeff Cross

Editorial Director


ISSA CMI Carpet Care Certification
Key Elements to Superior Carpet Care

This workshop empowers facility service providers to train their staff on the ins and outs of professional carpet care, including spotting and stain removal, daily care, interim maintenance techniques, and deep cleaning using extraction. 

Take this course to achieve CMI Carpet Care Certification, which applies to managers, front-line workers, and supervisors utilizing cleaning techniques to care for carpets in private and public facilities. Supply-chain professionals also encouraged to participate to benefit their facility service provider customers. Receive the ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) Carpet Care handbook and take the online exam to earn CMI certification.

ISSA CMI Hard Floor Care Certification

This certification course teaches facility service provider managers, front-line supervisors, and specialty technicians to maintain new and unique floor coverings, such as polyvinyl sheeting, rubber, bamboo, laminates, and more. Supply-chain professionals also are encouraged to participate to support their facility service provider customers. Receive the ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) Hard Floor Care handbook and take the online exam to earn CMI certification. 




Mark Warner

CMI Education Manager


Jeff Cross

Editorial Director


Peter Crosa

Expert Claims Adjuster

Peter J. Crosa & Co.

Sonny Ahuja

Internet & Website Marketing Expert

Killit Online, Inc.

Restoration Strategies

This interactive workshop is designed to help contractors land restoration jobs from insurance agents, claims adjusters, and property owners or managers. Learn strategies including water damage restoration, fire and smoke restoration, and mold remediation. Discover work available outside of vendor programs and create working relationships with agents and adjusters. Hear from a nationally recognized insurance claims adjuster who works closely with the cleaning and restoration industries. Additionally, you’ll learn strategic information on website marketing and lead generation. This workshop is ideal for disaster restoration and building service contractor business owners, managers, and marketing staff.


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