Workshops & Certifications


Workshops & Certifications

In addition to the many educational seminars available during ISSA Show North America, several workshops are also available, many granting certification*.


ISSA Certification Expert (I.C.E.) Workshop

Learn how to develop an operating structure that delivers consistent, quality services in compliance with cleaning industry standards, operations, and performance systems processes.

This certification is ideal for facility service providers, facility managers, and technicians who supervise product utilization in cleaning procedures. Supply-chain professionals are also encouraged to attend to better assist and advise their customers with cleaning industry compliance. *Pricing includes both parts of this workshop.


Carpet Care Certification: Key Elements to Superior Carpet Care

This workshop empowers facility service providers to train their staff on the ins and outs of professional carpet care, including spotting and stain removal, daily care, interim maintenance techniques and deep cleaning using extraction. Take this course to achieve CMI Carpet Care Certification, which applies to managers, front-line workers, and supervisors utilizing cleaning techniques to care for carpets in private and public facilities. Supply-chain professionals also encouraged to participate to benefit their facility service provider customers. Receive the ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) Carpet Care handbook and take the online exam to earn CMI certification. *This course is a CMI-verified course compliant with the ISSA Training Standard.

Residential Cleaner

House Cleaning Technician Program

This two-part course is designed specifically for the residential cleaner who wants to meet the expectations of demanding homeowners. It validates knowledge regarding the proper and safe removal of soil (cleaning), sanitizing, and disinfecting. The House Cleaning Technician (HCT) training and certification provides is a comprehensive overview of best practices in residential cleaning. Those who complete this course and pass the certification examination will be certified professionals in understanding the value and methodology of proper cleaning. The HCT certification is ideal for business owners, executives, managers, and supervisors within the residential cleaner market. 


Basic Restroom Care Certification

Designed for facility managers and supervisors approaching the challenges of restroom care. Understand effective cleaning techniques and best practices to eliminate the threat of cross-contamination, learn color-coding systems for ease and clarity, and understand new power equipment and tools to maximize efficiency and minimize time and labor. This certification is designed for managers and supervisors of both private and public sectors. Supply chain professionals are also encouraged to participate to serve their facility service provider customers. *This course is a CMI-verified course compliant with the ISSA Training Standard.


Hard Floor Care Certification

This certification course teaches facility service provider managers, front-line supervisors, and specialty technicians to maintain new and unique floor coverings, such as polyvinyl sheeting, rubber, bamboo, laminates, and more. Supply-chain professionals also are encouraged to participate to support their facility service provider customers. Receive the ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) Hard Floor Care handbook and take the online exam to earn CMI certification. *This course is a CMI verified course compliant with the ISSA Training Standard.

CMI Train the Trainer

Hone Your Training Skills and Empower Your Team

Train the Trainer prepares supervisors, managers, and operations leads to successfully implement a quality training program for their cleaning organizations. This course clearly outlines frontline procedures and proper teaching methods to improve team efficiency. This certification is ideal for individuals who will train their team in industry best practices that solidify quality results. Supply-chain professionals also are encouraged to participate to guide their facility service provider customers in best practices.

Attendees must participate in both Part 1 and Part 2 to become certified. *Pricing includes both parts of this workshop.


Bio Remediation and Response Fundamentals

Develop the knowledge and competence to identify, evaluate, reduce, and eliminate biological threats and improve environmental and patient recovery. This two-part course demonstrates hands-on situational response training and covers the fundamentals of biohazardous material cleanup and waste management. Upon course completion, participants are eligible to obtain the status of Global BioRisk Advisory Council (GBAC) Forensic Restoration Technician after agreeing to the GBAC Operator Code of Conduct. This course is ideal for cleaning industry professionals, environmental services personnel, forensic restoration teams, biosafety professionals, biohazardous spill response teams, and all related professionals. *Pricing includes both parts of this workshop.

Restoration Strategies

This interactive workshop is designed to help contractors land restoration jobs from insurance agents, claims adjusters, and property owners or managers. Learn strategies including water damage restoration, fire and smoke restoration, and mold remediation. Discover work available outside of vendor programs and create working relationships with agents and adjusters. Hear from a nationally recognized insurance claims adjuster who works closely with the cleaning and restoration industries. Additionally, you’ll learn strategic information on website marketing and lead generation. This workshop is ideal for disaster restoration and building service contractor business owners, managers, and their marketing staff.

Cleaning Change Solutions

Integrating Technology in Workloading Processes

This course from Cleaning Change Solutions demonstrates the integration of technology with workloading for cleaning efficiency, specifically regarding robotics and autonomous cleaning technology. Learn how to route new cleaning tools and the impact this has on your organizational culture. Discover solutions to avoid potential chaos as your organization adopts new cleaning technology. This workshop will cover many in-depth topics including understanding the right communications for stakeholders, required training to implement robotic cleaning solutions, and empowering employees to promote cleaning during the integration. This course applies to managers, technicians, and front-line supervisors. Supply-chain professionals also are encouraged to participate to assist their facility service provider customers.


Identifying and Solving IAQ Issues

This workshop will help facility managers and service providers to identify air and surface issues, prevent potential health risks from poor indoor air quality (IAQ), and avoid potential litigation issues that could result from building-occupant complaints. Additionally, learn to foster healthier and happier building occupants by solving IAQ problems before they become systemic. This workshop demonstrates how to utilize the team approach to resolving IAQ issues.


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