Where to Start

Your Key Steps to Take

Before Accessing the Virtual Experience

Before we dive into all of the exciting opportunities ahead of you. Please make sure to complete the three items below before proceeding to build out your Virtual Experience.



Virtual Experience Registration

Everyone must be registered through the Experient registration site in order to access the entire Virtual Experience.

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation letter that includes your registration ID number. Please save this number for setting up your My Virtual Planner account.

Need Further Assistance? Watch this short video or contact Registration Customer Service for further assistance.

For further information on registration packages, pricing and deadlines, please select from one of the options below to register for the All-Access Pass today.



Create & Setup Your My Virtual Planner Account

Required to Access the Virtual Experience

After registering for the Virtual Experience, please create your FREE My Virtual Planner Account online.

TIP: If you wish to participate in the live chats, please opt-in to the chat feature when creating your My Virtual Planner account.

Need Further Assistance? Watch this short video or contact My Virtual Planner Customer Service for further assistance.



Have You Completed 1 & 2?

If Yes, You're Ready to Start Planning Your Virtual Experience!

Watch the how-to-video to get an in-depth preview of all the great features in the Virtual Experience.



Setup Your Profile

Start Matching Today

Once you have registered and set up your My Virtual Planner Account, you will receive an email welcoming you to the Matchmaking Program. Follow the email prompt to confirm and setup your Matchmaking Profile.

If you have completed everything up to this point and have not received an email from ISSA Show <[email protected]> please contact Matchmaking Customer Service.


Matchmaking Program


Join Iris as she covers everything you need to know about Navigating the Matchmaking Program.


Have You Created Your My Virtual Planner Account Yet?

This year, there is not a registration site for exhibitors. All exhibiting personnel, including the primary exhibit contact, MUST create a My Virtual Planner to access the Virtual Experience.

Exhibitors register for FREE through the My Virtual Planner platform. By registering through My Virtual Planner, exhibitors can access view attendee profiles, participate in live chats, engage in the interactive matchmaking program, and more!

For exhibitors who wish to access the entire education content, you must register through a custom link to purchase the All-Access Pass. For further information on exhibitor registration and step-by-step guides please click here. 

PLEASE NOTE: For All-Access Pass Registration, you must use the same email address used when setting up your My Virtual Planner account.

Have Questions?

Contact one of the Customer Service Teams Today!