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What is Going on in Washington?

A Legislative & Regulatory Update

Presented by ISSA Advocacy Fund

Now more than ever, government affairs is impacting the cleaning industry. In 2020, the impact of government—at the federal, state, and local levels—on the cleaning industry became increasing apparent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Questions such as “am I essential?” and “where can I purchase personal protective equipment?” became commonplace. As the spotlight on the cleaning industry increased during the pandemic so has the visibility and interest from policymakers and regulators. Join us to get the “inside scoop” about what is going on in Washington DC on the top issues facing the cleaning industry such as tariffs, a healthy and safe workplaces tax credit, new OSHA standards, and more.


The Ultimate Hiring Flywheel

Presented by ISSA | ARCSI, a Division of ISSACONQUER®

In this exclusive ISSA & ARCSI 90 minute webinar, join Brandon Vaughn, Chief Strategist at CONQUER®, who built his own cleaning business from 0 to over $450,000 per month in 6 years - as he shares the secrets to create a hiring flywheel that can perpetually bring rockstar employees into your business on auto-pilot. Leave with a proven strategy that will set you apart from other employers in the battle to attract and retain viciously loyal talent, and a clear path to making your internal customers (your employees) your raving fans.


The New School Environment

When Students & Staff Return

Presented by ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association

Join Keith as he discusses what products and protocols should be in place post-pandemic and how to communicate what your facilities team is doing to create a safe and clean environment

As the country moves forward in its recovery from COVID-19, join industry veteran, Keith Watkins, CDF, in our FREE 60-minute webinar as he discusses what products and protocols should be in place post-pandemic and how to communicate what your facilities team is doing to create a safe and clean environment.

Key takeaways:

  • Why implementing multiple layers of prevention in your environment makes sense (Without getting into the weeds related to ASHRAE, SED, Governing Entities)
  • Prioritizing your air & surface program
  • Understanding what this means for your facilities team
  • Identifying areas of concern
  • Communicating your plan of action

Lower Costs & Raise Productivity Through Empowered Workers

Sponsored by Kaivac, Inc.

Wages keep going up as the talent pool diminishes. How can businesses succeed during these challenging times? Kaivac will show how their equipment delivers the productivity gains to save on labor all while improving worker satisfaction and overall cleaning results.

Kaivac would like to invite you to change the way you think about cleaning.  We have partnered with ISSA to bring innovative, science-based cleaning that not only drives differentiated results but EMPOWERS and PROTECTS your front-line workers.  Traditional tools like mops and rags can't touch the level of cleanliness that Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning delivers. It’s a level of cleanliness that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

Join us for a LIVE virtual demonstration as we focus on the following critical areas within a business:

  • Public Restrooms
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Hard Surface Flooring
  • Additional Revenue Streams & Cost
  • Reduction

The 90-minute session will explore new ways to tackle the difficult tasks of cleaning commercial restrooms, kitchens, and large area hard surface cleaning.

Calling All BSCs

Discover What BSCAI Contracting Success Can Do For You

Presented by BSCAI

Join BSCAI’s HQ Team and select speakers as they share what you need to know about the upcoming conference in Las Vegas. Our speakers will share tips on how to best navigate the show floor, connect with peers, and even give a sneak peek of education sessions. If you are new to BSCAI or want an insider’s conference knowledge, you will not want to miss this session.


Elevate Your Office Hygiene by Doing More With Less

Sponsored by Tork, an Essity brand

When it comes to ensuring office hygiene, employees expect more from their employers. However, today’s offices have the same if not fewer resources than they did before the pandemic. To do more with limited resources facility managers need to identify smarter ways of working. In this webinar, you’ll learn about workplace shifts and how hygiene plays a key role in keeping up with new and evolving office demands. You’ll also learn how to leverage innovative data-driven solutions that can help you create a more hygienic workplace.

Navigating Housekeeping in the Hospitality Industry During Times of Change

Presented by IEHA, a Division of ISSA

In this session we will discuss the following:

  • How cleaning procedures have changed.
  • Preparation – Behind the Scenes.
  • Is that cleaning chemical, ok?
  • What is in your face for you to see.
  • Preview of other hospitality sessions to come.

A Year in Review

Importance of Hygiene in the COVID-19 Era & Beyond

Sponsored by Cascades PRO

Join Cascades PRO and Dr. Charles Gerba, microbiologist, and professor of virology at the University of Arizona (also known as Dr. Germ), as he reflects on the past year and discusses the important role of hygiene and surface cleaning continue to play in stopping the spread of COVID-19. During this session, attendees will learn:

  • A Year in Review: What we have learned about hygiene on a microbiological level
  • Dr. Gerba’s take on the Delta Variant and what we can do to help stop the spread of the virus
  • Re-aerosolization and the importance of surface cleaning
  • Common misconceptions related to hygiene and cleaning
  • Everyday items you must wash your hands after touching (some of which may surprise you!)
  • What the future of hygiene looks like

JanSan 2021

The Voices of the Industry

Presented by ISSA Hygieia Network | Sponsored by American Paper Converting

Due to the enthusiastic response and attendance of our previous webinar, JanSan 2021: The Next Normal, ISSA Hygieia Network is excited to present a follow-up virtual event, JanSan 2021: The Voices of the Industry.

Featuring leaders of essential frontline teams within various sectors, this webinar will highlight how they restored confidence in their customers by utilizing the cleaning industry’s products, services, and best practices. This presentation will include a panel discussion with key leaders and will conclude with a brief Q&A.

This dynamic webinar will answer the following questions:

How have facilities adapted to the new era of cleanliness over the last 18 months?

Which processes will remain in the future?

What challenges do consumer-facing facilities face moving forward?

How will cleaning remain at the forefront within these spaces after the pandemic?

Serving Up Value in Foodservice

Through Connected Solutions

Sponsored by Hydro Systems

In this webinar from Hydro Systems, a world leader in delivering chemical dispensing and dosing solutions, John Goetz, Global Product Manager, highlights the shift toward connected technologies in foodservice settings and the benefits they offer to chemical companies and end-users. The session will provide an overview of Hydro Connect, a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform, and the new DMx warewash dispenser that helps managers gain greater visibility into their warewash operations, including chemical usage, productivity, alarms, and more.


The Complex Conundrum

Presented by IEHA, a Division of ISSA

This healthcare session will review useful and innovative information that will be available to the healthcare attendees at ISSA Show North America 2021. The presentation will run the gamut from hiring the intellectually and physically challenged, dimensions in wellness for Environmental Services Professionals to futuristic tools in the ever-changing and complex Healthcare field.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Basics

What Can Go Wrong

Sponsored by Diversey

Cleaning and disinfecting are not just ‘wiping a surface’. There are many factors and problems that can negatively impact the process. Understanding the basics to know, and common issues will allow front-line staff to clean and disinfect more effectively.

Precision Cleaning™

What, Where, Why & How to Clean

Sponsored by Charlotte Products, Ltd.

Now more than ever, there is considerable attention on the cleanliness of our shared spaces. With this comes budgetary challenges, employee wellness issues, sustainability impact, overuse and improper use of cleaning products and procedures. Furthermore, cleaning and disinfecting must be accompanied by cleaning validation and measurement.

Take the guesswork out of the cleaning process, reducing overall time and risk. Precision Cleaning™ is the monitoring and measuring of cleaning performance in order to optimize your return on investments and resources. It’s a clear understanding and demonstration of what, where, why, and how to clean. OptiSolve™ digital imaging technologies help mitigate the spread of infection by identifying risk in the environment and targeting it for precision cleaning.

James Flieler, Vice President of Sales for North America, Charlotte Products Ltd., will review how to mitigate the spread of infection by identifying the risk to obtain a precise understanding and demonstration of what, where, why, and how to clean.


The More Effective, Efficient & Environmentally Safe Active Ingredient to Clean and Disinfect

Sponsored by The Chemours Company

Glyclean™D is a new line of disinfectants based upon the naturally occurring glycolic acid molecule. Glyclean™D is using the power of nature to more effectively, efficiently, and safely clean and disinfect surfaces in one step. During this webinar you will learn more about glycolic acid in nature and how it effectively kills bacteria and viruses in a way that is safer for the environment and people. It’s time to change the status quat with an ingredient that is made in the U.S.A.; provides long-term sustainability for your formulations, and meets the growing regulatory demands from agencies around the world.


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