October Webinars

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Precision Cleaning™

What, Where, Why & How to Clean

Sponsored by Charlotte Products, Ltd.

Now more than ever, there is considerable attention on the cleanliness of our shared spaces. With this comes budgetary challenges, employee wellness issues, sustainability impact, overuse and improper use of cleaning products and procedures. Furthermore, cleaning and disinfecting must be accompanied by cleaning validation and measurement.

Take the guesswork out of the cleaning process, reducing overall time and risk. Precision Cleaning™ is the monitoring and measuring of cleaning performance in order to optimize your return on investments and resources. It’s a clear understanding and demonstration of what, where, why, and how to clean. OptiSolve™ digital imaging technologies help mitigate the spread of infection by identifying risk in the environment and targeting it for precision cleaning.

James Flieler, Vice President of Sales for North America, Charlotte Products Ltd., will review how to mitigate the spread of infection by identifying the risk to obtain a precise understanding and demonstration of what, where, why, and how to clean.

Jim Flieler
Vice President of Sales, North America
Charlotte Products Ltd.

James Flieler is the VP of Sales North America for Charlotte Products Ltd. He is an industry expert coupled with a high level of enthusiasm, integrity, and common sense. These traits have made him a renowned speaker and trainer for local businesses, key regional players, and national corporations across North America.  He adds to his profile hundreds of hands-on presentations and training sessions. He has over 40 years of expertise in all areas of sanitation in various market segments and job disciplines. James is also known for his strong focus on continuous innovation and development to improve processes. Jim is a frequent trainer for organizations across North America, educating employees on cleaning-related and sanitation issues.  

About Charlotte Products Ltd.

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Since 1986, Charlotte Products Ltd™ has been helping people everywhere live healthier and safer lives. We are a leading performance formulator and manufacturer globally supporting our partners by creating effective, healthy and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions. We combine sustainable, green certified and innovative products with simplified programs, product training and resources by market segment, to inspire our customers to join us as industry experts creating safe healthy spaces. Given today's climate with the current SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) and COVID-19 Disease globally, Charlotte Products shared insight and knowledge transfer has never been more important.

Creating a Public Health Culture Beyond COVID-19

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST

Sponsored by Ecolab, Inc.

Public expectations for cleanliness have reached new levels, leading to increased demands on staff in a tight labor market. How can you inspire confidence in the health and safety of your facilities while tackling issues like COVID-19 and other illness-causing germs? How can you meet these challenges head-on and build a culture of public health to emerge stronger than ever?

Ecolab invites you to join our public health experts, Amanda Bakken and Kaycee Strewler, to help you thrive in our current landscape. 

In this webinar, our public health experts will talk about:

  • The importance of looking beyond COVID-19
  • Disinfecting efficiently and effectively
  • Making public health a part of your culture
Kaycee Strewler, MS
Principal Technical Account Specialist
RD&E at Ecolab, Inc.

Kaycee provides technical expertise to global customers and has taken a primary role in consulting on product and procedure recommendations related to COVID-19. She has a BS in Biology and Environmental Science, an MS in Natural Resource Sciences and has held various roles in her five years at Ecolab in Marketing, Regulatory Affairs and RD&E.​

Amanda Bakken
Lead Chemist & Disinfection Expert
Ecolab, Inc.

Amanda develops surface hygiene solutions for a wide range of markets and is a subject matter expert on disinfection products and applications, particularly related to COVID-19. She has a BS in Chemistry and has held roles at Ecolab that include supporting public health and food safety initiatives, quality manufacturing, product development and commercialization.

About Ecolab, Inc.

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Ecolab is a trusted partner in hygiene and infection prevention, delivering comprehensive and innovative cleaning and disinfection solutions with best-in-class consultative service. Serving building service contractor, education, facilities, hospitality and foodservice markets, Ecolab helps customers maintain clean, healthy environments while enhancing customer satisfaction, maximizing efficiencies and building resilient operations. Programs include hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, floor care, odor control, restroom and dispensing solutions--all supported by comprehensive online and onsite training.


The More Effective, Efficient & Environmentally Safe Active Ingredient to Clean and Disinfect

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM CST

Sponsored by The Chemours Company

Glyclean™D is a new line of disinfectants based upon the naturally occurring glycolic acid molecule. Glyclean™D is using the power of nature to more effectively, efficiently, and safely clean and disinfect surfaces in one step. During this webinar you will learn more about glycolic acid in nature and how it effectively kills bacteria and viruses in a way that is safer for the environment and people. It’s time to change the status quat with an ingredient that is made in the U.S.A.; provides long-term sustainability for your formulations, and meets the growing regulatory demands from agencies around the world. Visit us at ISSA Show North America in booth W-4325.

Jason W. Jones
Global Technology Manager
The Chemours Company

Jason W Jones is a technology leader who enjoys communicating science in a basic, straightforward manner for diverse audiences and learning along the way. Jason is a Global Technology Manager for The Chemours Company. Jason received a BS in Chemistry from the College of William and Mary, and a Ph.D. in Supramolecular Polymer Chemistry from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Jason’s well-rounded journey in the chemical industry has provided him experience in chemical process design and implementation, manufacturing technical support, customer-facing technical service, product stewardship and regulatory affairs, quality management, formulated product design and commercialization, and technical management, to include acquisition and divestiture of consumer products businesses. Jason is a proud #girldad of two, whose smile during the conference has nothing at all to do with the peace and quiet of being away from his terrific three-year-old for a couple of days.

About The Chemours Company

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New Exhibitor Pavilion

Chemours is a different kind of chemistry company driven by our purpose to create a more colorful, capable, and cleaner world through the power of chemistry. Built upon a 200-year-old legacy and a world-class product portfolio, we bring everyday convenience to virtually everything people touch—in industries ranging from automotive, paints, and plastics to electronics, construction, energy, and telecommunications. We bring solutions that are better, safer, more reliable, and more sustainable, through the power of chemistry.


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