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The Future of Office Hygiene

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The return to the office is one of the most hotly debated topics of the moment. When should companies officially reopen their workplaces? Who should be required to come into the office? Should vaccine mandates be instated? While much is still up in the air, this much is clear: there is a heightened concern amongst employees over the spread of illness-causing germs, with only 32% feeling their company's health and safety measures are excellent.

To facilitate a successful and sustainable return, companies can look to the hygiene protocols implemented at COP26, one of the largest in-person events to be held since the beginning of the pandemic. As the official hygiene partner, Reckitt’s Pro Solutions team of virologists, microbiologists, and medical scientists worked with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) to develop a custom targeted hygiene program using Dettol products (Lysol’s sister brand) which can be replicated in the office environment.

Susan Barnes
MSc, Head of Covid-19 Adaptations Team for the COP26 Unit of UK Government Cabinet Office

Susan Barnes works for the Cabinet Office in the UK Government as the Head of the Covid-19 Adaptations Team for the COP26 Unit. She recently designed and implemented the Covid-19 Adaptation measures at the COP26 conference in Glasgow. Susan previously worked on the UK's Covid-19 social care response at the Department for Health and Social Care. Prior to her work on the Government's Covid-19 response, Susan covered international trade policy in preparation for the UK's exit from the EU. Before joining the Civil Service, Susan worked at Morgan Stanley in the financial regulation and policy sectors.

Dr. Lisa Ackerley
Medical and Scientific Engagement, Hygiene, at Lysol Pro Solutions

Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner, RSPH Professorial Fellow, and Winston Churchill Fellow Dr Lisa Ackerley has a background in local and central government, academia, private sector strategic consulting and has offered support and advice on hygiene to industry stakeholders, government and directly to consumers through mass media engagement. Lisa is passionate about developing practical, easy to follow messaging to help promote public health.Lisa’s PhD from the University of Birmingham explored public perceptions of food safety and how to change behavior, and this has been an important part of her career which has included working with Reckitt over many years on a number of hygiene projects. Previously Lisa ran her consultancy company Hygiene Audit Systems for 28 years till its sale in 2015 and then established the Public Health Company with the Hygiene Doctor brand. Lisa is also a Trustee and Vice Chair of the charity IFH, which provides scientific advice on home and everyday life, and Trustee of the Royal Society for Public Health.

James Logan
Professor within the Department of Disease Control at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)

James Logan is a Professor within the Department of Disease Control at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and investigates novel methods for detecting and controlling diseases. His research spans from discovery science through to implementation and includes the development of odour based diagnostics, educational and behaviour change campaigns, as well as large scale intervention studies. Some recent work includes the development of electronic sensors and dogs to detect COVID-19, and a large scale outreach campaign in Mali and Malawi to educate communities on malaria and COVID-19, with demonstrable behaviour change. Professor Logan is also founder and CEO of Arctech Innovation, the first spin out company from LSHTM. Arctech Innovation aims to save lives and transform the public health landscape through the development, evaluation and commercialisation of data-driven, technology-based solutions which detect or protect against the world’s deadliest diseases. .

Stuart Bainbridge
R&D Director – New Growth Platforms, Reckitt

Stuart joined Reckitt in 2007 and over the past 15 years has worked in a wide variety of global and regional R&D leadership roles in Reckitt. Stuart is currently the R&D Director for the New Growth Platforms division, which includes leadership of the Pro Solutions business, based in Slough, UK. Stuart is head of the Global Business Solutions R&D team and a member of the Reckitt Global Business Solutions leadership team, heading research teams based in both the UK & USA. In this role, Stuart is responsible for leading new product development, innovation strategy and delivering best-in-class solutions and science for Reckitt’s partners.

Stuart was the Reckitt R&D Lead for the COP26 project, coordinating the creation and execution of hygiene protocols and sustainable project selection. Prior to this, Stuart was R&D Director for the Hygiene business in Africa, Middle East & Asia, based in Dubai, UAE. In this role Stuart was responsible for leading a cross-regional R&D team of 48 scientists, 6 R&D Laboratories, supporting 86 countries and 26 different global & local hygiene brands. Stuart was responsible for leading the development and innovation of Reckitt’s local brands in the region and coordinated the testing of Reckitt’s hygiene portfolio in the region to prove efficacy against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Stuart has spent the majority in his career in the product development, technical support & applications science of hygiene products, working in both personal care & surface care applications. Stuart brings broad experience across the product development lifecycle of biocide products and a wide range of technologies including aerosols, liquid disinfectants, disinfectant sprays, hand sanitizers, antibacterial liquid soaps and antibacterial bar soaps. Stuart holds a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of York, UK.

About Reckitt

Reckitt’s Lysol Pro Solutions harnesses the power of Lysol to help protect businesses and public spaces from the spread of germs. In today’s world, consumers have increased hygiene expectations which makes germ protection more critical than ever. The comprehensive approach from Lysol Pro Solutions incorporates science backed protocols and training, EPA-approved Lysol products and Lysol branded marketing materials and signage. Lysol Pro Solutions empowers businesses to demonstrate to their staff and customers a commitment to providing a trusted standard for protection.


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