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Safe, Healthy Hands

More Than Ever You Need A Safe And Effective Hand Hygiene Program

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COVID-19 Pandemic has brought increased critical awareness to the importance of proper hand hygiene. With this came the increased concern about the ingredients in the hand soap and hand sanitizers being absorbed into our skin. Early on in the pandemic a massive demand for hand soap and sanitizer created supply shortages across the globe. This led to a multitude of temporary hand sanitizer producers saturating the industry using temporary licenses, without much regulation. Poor quality products flooded the market, creating new health risks as the public scrambled to find hand soap and sanitizer as fast as possible. As we noticed the unsafe hand sanitizer and soap products flooding the market, we got to work creating an innovative solution that would provide facilities with safer hand hygiene products they could rely on.

Jim Flieler
Vice President of Sales, North America
Charlotte Products Ltd.

James Flieler is the VP of Sales North America for Charlotte Products Ltd. He is an industry expert coupled with a high level of enthusiasm, integrity, and common sense. These traits have made him a renowned speaker and trainer for local businesses, key regional players, and national corporations across North America.  He adds to his profile hundreds of hands-on presentations and training sessions. He has over 40 years of expertise in all areas of sanitation in various market segments and job disciplines. James is also known for his strong focus on continuous innovation and development to improve processes. Jim is a frequent trainer for organizations across North America, educating employees on cleaning-related and sanitation issues.  

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Since 1986, Charlotte Products Ltd™ has been helping people everywhere live healthier and safer lives. We are a leading performance formulator and manufacturer globally supporting our partners by creating effective, healthy and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions. We combine sustainable, green certified and innovative products with simplified programs, product training and resources by market segment, to inspire our customers to join us as industry experts creating safe healthy spaces. Given today's climate with the current SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) and COVID-19 Disease globally, Charlotte Products shared insight and knowledge transfer has never been more important.


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