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Innovation Interview Series

We hear from attendees each year that seeing innovations in the cleaning industry is one of the top 3 reasons to return each year. Back by popular demand is our Innovation Award Program, where your expertise matters and your votes count.

Carlos Albir Jr. with ABCO Products

Jill Trider with Essity Professional Hygiene

Dietmar Bernstein with Unger

Peter Kwestro with Gausium

Ronnie Phillips with Georgia-Pacific

Duncan McLennan with Avidbots

Darryl Dejean with Pathogen Focus

Mile Perazzo with Kaivac, Inc.

Vince Malone with Smart Impact

VSI Health & Hygiene Group

Jeff Stanich with Simix

Bryant Davis with SCJohnson Professional

Amanda Bakken with Ecolab

Nick Rudovic with Lionsbot

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