ISSA Show Commitment to Sustainability

Shaping the Commercial Cleaning Industry for a Sustainable Future.

We know that sustainability is becoming increasingly important. ISSA Show North America gives us many opportunities to improve our impact environmentally, socially, and economically in the regions where we operate.

The Mission of ISSA Show North America is to be the leading resource for information, education, innovation, networking, and commercial opportunities for firms within the worldwide cleaning industry. It’s where leaders gather to transfer knowledge and create cutting-edge solutions to push the industry forward. In doing so, we leverage the strength of a global community to change the way the world views cleaning – increasing the appreciation for cleaning as an investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line.

We want to make ISSA Show North America more responsible and play a role in helping the entire global cleaning community improve its own sustainability.

Our three pledges

Inspiring Sustainable Development



How Our Commitment Works

1. Inspiring Sustainable Development

Our first aim is for our events to inspire sustainable development.
This is about the sustainability of the industry that our event serves. With focus on our content and partnerships, we inspire our attendees, exhibitors and event teams to deliver a sustainable event.

ISSA Show North America is proud to support and partner with ISSA Charities, a Division of ISSA.

ISSA Charities™ is the charitable and philanthropic arm of ISSA and the worldwide cleaning industry. A 501(c)(3) organization, ISSA Charities’ mission is to make the world a cleaner, healthier, better place to live by sponsoring, funding, and operating charitable and social programs directly connected to the cleaning industry. Our Signature Charities are changing the way the world views cleaning:

  • Cleaning for a Reason provides professional home cleaning for cancer patients.
  • Hygieia Network advances women, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cleaning industry.
  • ISSA Scholars supports youth with scholarship aid and seasonal internships.
  • To learn more about ISSA Charities and to make your own donation, visit
  • Each charity is offered booth space at the show and utilizes the event to raise awareness about the importance of charitable work to further our industry.

ISSA Show is proud to deliver important content that inspires sustainable development through tracks such as Professional Development & Leadership, Facility Health & Management, and Healthy Green Schools & Colleges.

This year, we are engaging the industry through sessions such as:

  • Keys to Driving Your DE&I Strategies.
  • Developing Businesses Inclusive of All Generations.
  • Smart, Sustainable Technology Enabling the New Corporate Health Responsibility, Trending Topics That Influence Environmental Services.
  • All Hands-on Deck: Dimensions of Wellness for Environmental Services.
  • Each charity is offered booth space at the show and utilizes the event to raise awareness about the importance of charitable work to further our industry.
  • Diverse and Inclusive Management in EVS Departments.
  • Thriving Through Change: Creating an Inspiring, Motivating and Productive Culture.
  • Powered by Inclusion: Leveling Up in Hospitality.
  • Sustainability: What You Need to Know.
  • Green Operations & Certifications: Leading the Post-COVID-19 Response.
  • Generation (wh)Y: Finding What Matters to the Modern Workforce.

ISSA hosts 2 intensive workshops dedicated to environmentally friendly practices in our industry; the IEHA Master Environmental Services Executive Certification Course and the Certified Environmental Services Executive Boot Camp.

  • ISSA Show North America features a numerous number of exhibitors who are dedicated to sustainable and environmentally friendly products and business practices.
  • Each year the event allows thousands of industry professionals to learn about and gain access to products that affect our health and environment positively.
  • Exhibitors showcase a variety of products in categories such as Air Filtration, Chemical Free Cleaners, Eco Friendly Cleaners, Emergency Response/Regulatory Services, Infection Prevention & Control, Recycling Systems, Safety Apparel, Safety Products, Sanitizers, and Sustainable Paper Products.
  • ISSA Show utilizes the annual event to celebrate the dedication and success of individuals and businesses who strive to push our industry forward in a positive, meaningful, and impactful way.
  • The Hygieia Network Awards & Reception takes place annually at ISSA North America. The event is dedicated to celebrating the success of women in our industry and highlighting their importance.
  • The Residential Cleaning Awards & Evening Roundtables allows Cleaning for a Reason to recognize their Top 100 Cleaning Partners in 2020 for most cancer patients served.
  • The IEHA Annual awards will be presented to select members for providing exemplary service throughout the year. IEHA's highest award, named after the association's founder (Margaret Barnes,) will be presented to the IEHA member of the year.
  • The G2 Sustainability Recognition Ceremony, led by Steve Ashkin, celebrates ISSA members who are committed to leading this industry into a more sustainable future. These organizations set themselves apart by tracking performance, reducing consumption, and reporting on their progress.
  • The ISSA Show Innovation Awards is an annual program honoring companies who develop new products and technologies that have made an impact in global cleaning community. The program recognizes 10 products and/or services in the industry including 4 Industry Choice Awards, 5 Innovation of the Year Award Honorees and 1 overall Innovation of the Year Award winner.
    • Tork®, an Essity brand was honored with the Innovation of the Year Award at the Awards Ceremony for its Interactive Training for Healthcare. The free interactive training tools address critical hygiene needs of infection control, healthcare, and environmental services professionals.
  • The Professional Image Awards, presented by ARCSI, a Division of ISSA, consists of the Professional Cleaner of the Year Award and the Chairman’s Award. The ceremony provides the residential cleaning community with the perfect opportunity to recognize the extraordinary people around us.
  • The Star Awards honor industry legacy companies who have consistently supported the industry through exhibiting at the ISSA Show North America and maintaining their ISSA Membership status for 40, 50, 60 & 70 years.
2. Running a Socially Responsible Event

Our third aim is to run our events in a socially responsible manner.
This requires us to think about the impact we have on the local community and whether we are being a good neighbor. It also includes how we consider the welfare of everyone at our events, how we do business in an ethical and safe manner and how we promote equality and accessibility.

  • The event allows for the industry to donate to ISSA Charities through on-line registration. 2,978 donations were made to the charities for the 2021 event.
  • ISSA Charities uses the annual event to fund raise. ISSA Charities was overwhelmed by the generous support of the industry with donations exceeding $60,000 during the week of the event. ISSA Show North America is one of many donors.

ISSA Show North America is proud to partner with Opportunity Village. .

  • Opportunity Village helps develop job skills, obtain long-term work experience, learn marketable job skills, gain independence, and increase self-esteem while broadening their community and social interactions for people with disabilities in Southern Nevada.
  • All leftover materials from ISSA Show North America are donated to Opportunity Village for training to place participants in positions right within our cleaning industry.
  • Find out more on Opportunity Village here.
  • ISSA Show North America places a heavy emphasis on keeping our show attendees safe via enhanced health & safety protocols.

At Informa we are committed to acting ethically, lawfully and with integrity. We expect our colleagues to uphold these principles and values in everything we do. In all interactions and in every place we operate, Informa is committed to doing so lawfully, ethically and with integrity. Find detail on our commitment here.

3. Running an Environmentally Responsible Event

Our second aim is to run our events in an environmentally responsible manner.
The key is considering how we can reduce our carbon footprint through energy efficiency, consideration of our energy use, waste reduction and our procurement choices.

Partnering with GES, our official General Service Contractor, means our event is run with sustainability measures top of mind, minimizing the impact on the environment. GES works diligently to put an end to unnecessary waste and to create a legacy of sustainability for the entire events industry.

  • GES is value-based company committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives, environmental stewardship, workplace safety, and community service.
  • GES places an emphasis on waste reduction, procurement, and energy conservation.
  • Find out more about GES’s sustainable initiatives and practices here.

In efforts to reduce our use of valuable resources, we are pleased to announce that this year we are making the switch to 100% renewable electricity for our event. This will result in our electricity use being carbon neutral, preventing the creation of CO2, therefore significantly reducing our carbon impact.

  • Through our partnership with Opportunity Village, we donate all left over usable materials to this very worthy non-profit serving our own cleaning industry.
  • Addition of recycling bins in all official show management meeting spaces.
  • Removal of plastic water bottles from all official show management meeting spaces.
  • The ISSA Today Program & Event Guide will be printed locally in Chicago and on recycled paper.
  • Transitioned badge lanyard materials to 100% recycled paper and recyclable clips.
  • Elimination of badge holders.
  • Reduction of number of printed onsite program & event guides, addendums, media publications, and show daily publications.
  • Elimination of registration tickets and printed itineraries.
  • Elimination of vinyl materials.
  • Elimination of printed meeting rooms signage and utilization of digital signage.
  • Reuse of onsite materials such as signage, structures and large graphics, and banners.