Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Registration

For You & Your Staff

This year, there is not a registration site for exhibitors. All exhibiting personnel, including the primary exhibit contact, MUST create a My Virtual Planner to access the Virtual Experience.

Exhibitors register for FREE through the My Virtual Planner. By registering through My Virtual Planner, exhibitors can access view attendee profiles, participate in live chats, engage in the interactive matchmaking program, and more!

PLEASE NOTE: For All-Access Pass Registration, you must use the same email address used when setting up your My Virtual Planner account.

Steps to Register

Follow the four easy steps to begin your Exhibitor Registration.


Create a My Virtual Planner account online for FREE by selecting the Create Your Virtual Planner Account button.

If you already have a My Virtual Planner account, please log into your account by entering your log in details and selecting the login button.


On the next page, select Exhibitor from the Select Your Company Type drop-down.

Once you complete the fields, select the Create Your Free Account button at the bottom of the page.


You now have a My Virtual Experience account!

Make sure to check that your profile information is correct.

Select the My Profile button in your My Virtual Planner dashboard. Upload your profile picture so attendees can easily find you.

Select the Update Profile button to save your changes.


Your exhibitor registration is now complete and can begin building out your Virtual Experience.

All-Access Passes

Exhibitor Registration

For exhibitors who wish to access the entire Virtual Experience program, employees can register for the All-Access Pass through one of the two methods below.

PLEASE NOTE: All registrants MUST use the same email address for the All-Access Pass and My Virtual Planner Account Registrations.

Please Read

Registration Link

The link provided is a special link dedicated specifically for exhibitors who wish to register for the All-Access Pass. 

This link will direct you through the attendee registration site but is dedicated specifically for exhibitor registration. 

Please do not distribute to potential attendees who wish to register.

Bulk Registrations 

Exhibitor All-Access Passes

If interested in purchasing multiple All-Access Passes for your employees or customers, we have special discounts available for bulk registrations. After purchasing the bulk registrations, the company's primary point of contact can distribute the designated special registration code and link to desired employees through the attendee registration site site using that code and/or special link.

Contact your Account Representative today on special pricing and registration!

Individual Registrations

Exhibitor All-Access Passes

For employees who wish to purchase the All-Access Pass individually, we have a special discounted rate of $99 per person.

To begin registration, please click here.


Update Your Virtual Exhibitor Dashboard Profile Today

Update your Virtual Exhibitor Dashboard Profile to ensure attendees see everything your company has to offer by uploading your company’s logo, description, products & images, trademark brands, collateral, show special offers, videos, etc.

Matchmaking Program Launches October 26

In addition to your Virtual Exhibit Directory Listing, all participating companies receive access to the matchmaking tool to assist you in scheduling your virtual meetings the week of November 16 - 19. 

Through the matchmaking program, you can search the registered attendee database, filter down to your preferred matches, send a message and meeting invite and then access your meeting via the platform the week of the event. It's that easy.

Setup & Access Your Virtual Business Cards

For all exhibitor virtual business cards, the exhibiting company's primary point of contact is responsible for designating and setting up all virtual business cards in their Exhibitor Dashboard.

Exhibit Support Staff

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