Loyalty Program

2022 Exhibit Space Selection

Priority Points & Loyalty Program

The ISSA Show North America Loyalty Program is based on a priority point system rewarding companies who remain active ISSA members and loyal exhibitors at the annual ISSA Show North America and its ancillary events. 

Each exhibitor's priority points are accumulated every year and will determine the order in which each exhibiting company will select their next year's space.

Hotel Points

If an exhibiting company goes through the ISSA Show North America official housing vendor, onPeak in 2021, the participating company will receive 1 point. To be eligible, hotel reservation must be booked by September 3.

Key Dates

2022 Space Selection 

Priority Point Criteria


The number of years a company exhibits at the ISSA Show North America as an active ISSA member.

The total square footage of exhibit space requested on the next year's exhibit space application.

Ex. 10’ x 10’ = 1 point, 10’ x 20’ = 2 points, 20’ x 20’ = 4 points, 20’ x 50’=10 points

Participating exhibitors who have purchased a sponsorship or package offering for the ISSA SHOW NA 2021 show: See chart below.


All active companies with at least one seniority point are eligible to participate in the loyalty program and space selection process.

Two consecutive absences from the annual ISSA Show North America Show will result in the loss of seniority points permanently and the company will not eligible to participate in the space selection process. Additionally, if a company exhibits the prior year and not in the current year, five points are deducted from the company’s seniority permanently.

Your Sales Representative will send your company's primary point of contact an email regarding the next steps in the space selection process. This will include the online application, priority points for your company, and requested deposit to move forward.

Exhibitor priority points have been very carefully calculated and we believe they accurately reflect the status of each participating company. However, if you believe your company’s point total is incorrect contact your sales representative.

In the event of a tie of total Priority Points, the deciding factor will be the date and time that the exhibitor applications are received.

The company that submits their Exhibit Application earliest will select space first. The Priority Point system is subject to cancellation, change, or modification by ISSA Show North America at any time without prior notice.

If a company acquires or purchases another company who possesses seniority, the parent company assumes the seniority of the company with the greatest amount of points.

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