Spotlight Speakers

If You Can See It, You Can Be It

Monday, November 16 • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM CST

Jeff Henderson inspires with his emotional journey of redemption from the streets to the stove, sharing real-life strategies to help you achieve your dreams, no matter your stage of life.

From humble beginnings in South Central Los Angeles to life as an imprisoned drug dealer, and then as an award-winning celebrity chef and best-selling author, Jeff is a role model for anyone who needs the encouragement to reinvent their life. Since he discovered his passion and gift for cooking in the unlikeliest of places – prison – Jeff has completely turned his life around, and today serves as a popular and powerful voice for self-transformation.

The creator of Food Network's reality series, The Chef Jeff Project, host of “Family Style with Chef Jeff,” and the star of the nationally syndicated series, Flip My Food with Chef Jeff, he is also the best-selling author of two books. From overcoming hardship to identifying one’s personal talents, Jeff reveals his hard-knock yet transformative life lessons and the secrets to rising above and realizing your potential. His dynamic and engaging presentations help audiences discover their hidden business aptitudes, make life-changing decisions, and gain a new foothold on the ladder to success.

Please welcome spotlight speaker, Jeff Henderson!

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Breaking Through: My Journey to Becoming the First Female NFL Official

Tuesday, November 17 • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST

As the NFL's first female official, Sarah Thomas shares her journey as a pioneer in a male-dominated industry, inspiring others to seize opportunities to succeed and never give up—even when the odds are against you.

Officiating her first game on September 13, 2015, between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans, Sarah’s hat, whistle, and flag are now on display at the NFL Hall of Fame and serve as a testament to this historic achievement. Sarah also made post-season history by being named Down Judge for the Patriots/Chargers 2019 playoff game. No stranger to being the first or breaking gender-barriers, she was the first female official to ever work a major college football game, to officiate a bowl game, and to officiate in a Big Ten stadium.

With the same unflappability that it takes to make a split-second call on the field, Sarah shares key insights on overcoming adversity – and the odds – finding your passion while maintaining work-life balance, decision-making, and not only succeeding as a female in a male-dominated industry but achieving breakthrough success for males and females alike.

Please welcome spotlight speaker, Sarah Thomas!

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COVID-19: Where Do We Go From Here?

Wednesday, November 18 • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST

These global experts will share compelling case studies, personal experiences, and key takeaways from the first phase of the pandemic, along with user-friendly recommendations for what comes next. This panel discussion will include a Q and A component.

Please welcome spotlight speakers Patty Olinger, Carolyn Berland, and Gavin Macgregor-Skinner!

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