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2021 Sponsored Education Sessions

Shaping the Future of Clean Through Education — ISSA Show North America recognizes the importance of quality education, even more so now during a public health crisis.

The Sponsored Thought Leadership Sessions are designed to tackle issues facing day-to-day operations throughout the entire cleaning industry. Learn from some of the industry’s biggest names from the safety and security of your own (home or otherwise) office.

Mark Wiencek, PhD

Lead Microbiologist Contec Professional
Contec Professional
Sponsored by Contec Professional

Hot Topics in Cleaning and Disinfection

Monday, November 15 · 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Despite the increased use of no-touch disinfection technologies to address the Covid-19 pandemic, consistent cleaning outcomes still require cooperation among chemistries, cleaning tools, and personnel. The disinfectant chemistries must be compatible with the tools being used to apply the solutions to surfaces and the cleaning tools must be compatible with the personnel. While human sustainability has become a higher priority during the pandemic, minimizing environmental impacts through green cleaning remains a driving force in the development of new products and processes.

This session will explore four hot topics related to compatibility:

  1. Role of mechanical removal to enhance the maximize the efficacy of disinfectants
  2. Importance of using clean tools to clean
  3. Impact of different types of textiles on the stability of disinfectants
  4. Utility of a Life-Cycle Assessment to compare environmental impacts of relaundered vs. single-use, disposable textiles.
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John Schauff

Director Government Services and Training
Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.
Sponsored by Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.

Selecting the Right Disinfectant for the Job: Debunking Disinfection Myths

Monday, November 15 · 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Join Spartan Chemical as they debunk common myths related to infection control. Topics include:

  • The cleaning/disinfection process
  • Selecting the right disinfectant
  • Managing disinfection protocols
  • Understanding regulation and documentation
  • Observing dwell times / the importance of the product label
  • Disinfecting during a pandemic
  • Validation – what validation software can do to help you improve training and compliance
  • Hygienically clean laundry
  • New technologies in chemical application
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Andrew Maier


Principal Science Advisor
Cardno ChemRisk
Sponsored by LSI | Mason, a Pilot Company | Stepan

Optimizing Confidence in Decision Making: The Science in Product Health Safety Assessment

Monday, November 15 · 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Can We Have Confidence in the Safety of Disinfectant Products? Of course, we can! Disinfectant products for consumer and professional uses are evaluated through product safety assessment protocols. Scientific information is the backbone for determining if a product is safe for the people making the product and those who use the product. However, not all published scientific information is equally reliable. Research findings can be messy and inconsistent, which could lead to inaccurate interpretations and misperceptions about the safety of a product. 

So, how can we sort through the messy data to give the most weight to high-quality information? Regulators achieve this goal through transparent frameworks for scientific research, using several tools to ensure clarity and improve confidence. First, gather and integrate evidence in a transparent and unbiased fashion, considering study quality. Second, use review by scientific peers. Third, engage all stakeholders to ensure the product safety assessments are thorough, clear, and communicate what we know and do not know. Current examples are used to highlight the effective use and misuse of scientific information for product safety.

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