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Color Coding Your Facility Sanitation Made Easy

Sponsored by CFS Brands

Learn the basics of applying color-code to any facilities’ sanitation practice; reducing the risk of contamination; costly recalls, and damaged brand reputation.

Safe, Healthy Hands

More Than Ever You Need A Safe And Effective Hand Hygiene Program

Sponsored by Charlotte Products, Ltd.

COVID-19 Pandemic has brought increased critical awareness to the importance of proper hand hygiene. With this came the increased concern about the ingredients in the hand soap and hand sanitizers being absorbed into our skin. Early on in the pandemic a massive demand for hand soap and sanitizer created supply shortages across the globe. This led to a multitude of temporary hand sanitizer producers saturating the industry using temporary licenses, without much regulation. Poor quality products flooded the market, creating new health risks as the public scrambled to find hand soap and sanitizer as fast as possible. As we noticed the unsafe hand sanitizer and soap products flooding the market, we got to work creating an innovative solution that would provide facilities with safer hand hygiene products they could rely on.

The Future of Office Hygiene

Sponsored by Lysol Pro Solutions

The return to the office is one of the most hotly debated topics of the moment. When should companies officially reopen their workplaces? Who should be required to come into the office? Should vaccine mandates be instated? While much is still up in the air, this much is clear: there is a heightened concern amongst employees over the spread of illness-causing germs, with only 32% feeling their company's health and safety measures are excellent.

To facilitate a successful and sustainable return, companies can look to the hygiene protocols implemented at COP26, one of the largest in-person events to be held since the beginning of the pandemic. As the official hygiene partner, Reckitt’s Pro Solutions team of virologists, microbiologists, and medical scientists worked with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) to develop a custom targeted hygiene program using Dettol products (Lysol’s sister brand) which can be replicated in the office environment.


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